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Yarofruit LLC is a Ukrainian company that holds leading positions in the production and export of premium-quality frozen berries and fruits.

About our company

The company was founded in 2016 in Western Ukraine, a region known as a center of forest berries. Since then, we have been constantly developing to lead the market in frozen fruits and berries, focusing on the quality of our products and employing advanced processing technologies using modern European equipment.
Harvesting is carried out in environmentally clean regions, covering the entire Western Ukraine. During the raw material intake stage, all necessary laboratory tests are conducted to ensure compliance with quality standards, selecting only beneficial natural products. All processing processes are concentrated at our production facility in Zhovkva. Freshly picked berries and fruits reach the production facility within 4 hours of harvesting and are pre-cooled. Afterward, the raw material undergoes an extensive processing phase to become the high-quality end product that you can use for your business.
We are a reliable manufacturer and are ready to grow and take on new challenges. Upon individual client requests, we are prepared to cultivate, harvest, process, package, and deliver all possible varieties of forest and cultivated berries and fruits from the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Additionally, we can produce products such as blends, and purees from these fruits. We are always open to new opportunities for cooperation and would be delighted to become your trustworthy partner.

Why Choose Us​​

 Producing frozen goods for the food industry and retail chains, we need to adhere to European standards of product quality and food safety. Our flexible approach to working with clients allows us not only to supply high-quality products but also to accommodate non-standard and individual requests. We exert maximum effort to meet the needs of every client.

You will be satisfied, because:


 Thanks to years of experience and the application of cutting-edge technologies, Yarofruit offers products that meet the highest European quality and food safety standards. The quality of our products is meticulously checked at every stage, from the field to the end consumer..

 We employ IQF freezing technology to preserve all the benefits and flavors of berries and fruits. In our production, three lines are dedicated to mechanical cleaning and manual sorting, and we have installed two optical sorters from Buhler Sortex. Upon customer request, we offer packaging in sizes of 300g, 500g, 2.5 kg, 10 kg boxes, and 25 kg bags. Our products are stored at temperatures of -22-25°C in our warehouses.

 We have created all the necessary conditions to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.


 Our production strictly adheres to all quality and food safety standards. We have implemented HACCP standards, confirmed by relevant certificates such as BRC and FSSC 22000. The company is certified as Organic for the production of organic and environmentally clean products.

 We utilize advanced IQF freezing technology, which allows us to preserve all the beneficial properties of berries during freezing. Three production lines are dedicated to mechanical cleaning and manual sorting, and we have installed two optical sorters from Buhler Sortex. Each batch of production undergoes laboratory tests to ensure its compliance with the highest quality and food safety standards

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