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Yarofruit process Ecological Fruit & Berries

If you have demand on any other Wild Berry we can process it for you!

All our Wild Berries are densely packed with vitamins and nutrients. All are multi properties fruit, it contains high doses of Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B, antioxidants and fiber. In our IQF process, none of its properties is diminished since the vitamins, nutrients and characteristics of the fruit are maintained after the freezing process, extending the useful life of the fruit to 24 months. The purity of the Carpathian mountains nature and our forests brings the best out of everything it's giving for us.
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Trading services as third-party cooperation with Ukrainian small companies/farms

If you want to receive a product that you find in Ukraine we can deliver it for you!

We know that many would like to see always the best product and therefore if you find it not on our list, we can always help you deliver it. Since we work a lot for export, it will not be difficult for us to deliver goods to any country in the world. We offer you to receive that product after going through all the stages of production at our factories in accordance with the requirements. If you find it, we buy and process it and deliver for you.
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We are in a continuous search for new suppliers for us

If you are a supplier from outside Ukraine and would like to cooperate with us, please send us an offer!

YAROFRUIT company is one of the largest importers of frozen vegetables, fruits and berries from Europe and the rest of the world to Ukraine. We engaged in wholesale deliveries of the frozen fruit, vegetables, berries, etc. across the Lviv region and whole Ukraine for large productions, outlets, confectioneries and bakeries, HoReCa establishments and end consumers. During our activity, we have gained dozens of Partners among Suppliers and Producers of Vegetables and French Fries.
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Our benefits for suppliers:

We are working as a sales department by supplying your food ingredients to the big industrial companies in Ukraine

We can be a direct representative or distributor of your product in Ukraine

We are a fast-growing company and want to expand in all kind of products and services with you

More services:

For many years our company has been offering a wide variety of services in the service sector for industry and commerce. With our know-how for the production of high-quality wild berry and fruit products, we also convince our customers as service providers for the following range of tasks:

Contract packaging from small to big pack sizes

Production of fruit and berry mixtures

Cooperation in product development (product quality, cutting variations, etc.)

Freezer storage of third-party goods

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