Frozen Corn Kernel

Frozen Corn Kernel

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 Frozen Corn Kernel is made from fresh, ripe, and undamaged veggies using IQF freezing. This process preserves all its vitamins and microelements.

 We harvest our corn in environmentally clean regions of central Ukraine. Before reaching the production line, the raw materials undergo comprehensive laboratory analyses to check for the presence of pesticides or heavy metals. We prioritize quality control at every stage of production to ensure the quality and nutritional value of our products. The first step in corn processing involves cleaning and slicing. Subsequently, the corn kernel is frozen at a temperature of -35°C. We utilize IQF freezing technology, which preserves the taste and all the beneficial properties of the product. Our production facility features three lines for mechanical and manual sorting of raw materials, as well as two optical sorters from Buhler Sortex, ensuring the creation of the highest quality products.

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